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    Is there any way to speed up the dial speed of the GSM T650?

    I previously had a Sprint T600 and on my AT&T GSM T650 there is a delay between when I press a number to dial (e.g., 5) and when I hear the tone for that number. Additionally, the "More Digits" that I have programmed for dialing my corporate voicemail, etc run very slowly at probably no more than one digit per second.

    Has anyone else noticed this problem and found a workaround?

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    The Treo 600 used to dail pretty fast. Then P1 put out the firmware upgrade which slowed down the dial. I believe they made it really slow intentionally. I wish they would have made a way for it to be user configurable.
    Would be nice if someone could develop a simple app which modifies the touch tone speed variable.
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