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    I'm considering purchasing the gotype keyboard. I know it comes with software (takenote?) to work with larger document files. But it does not appear to have software that enables you to import the document to Word on your PC? What do folks recommend?
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    Well, TakeNote exports to .txt files, which can then be imported/opened/modified in Word.

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    I'll add that TakeNote will install a folder on your desktop during the install (Sorry Mac users. I don't know if it does this on the Mac). If you drop a text file into here, the TakeNote conduit will automatically convert and copy converted file to your Visor.
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    So it sounds like I don't need additional software to work on Word files. Thanks everyone!
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    In case you haven't been following along with some of the other threads, you will lose most of the formatting when you convert the Word .doc file to the .txt file format. It will preserve the carriage returns, uppercase/lowercase letters, and the tabs (at least sort of), but that is about it. This in the interest of keeping your expectations in line with reality . . .

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