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    they do charge a $3.95 "handling charge" but, nonetheless, at that price I could no longer afford NOT to try one of the darn things out!!!
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    Get it from . Same company as ecost, same price as ecost, but NO $3.95 fee... I just got my $35 Scala from today and it's awesome! So loud I had to turn it down.

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    Just got my Scala 500 and, despite sounding...OK (crackles if not on same side of body as phone), it's going back tomorrow, since it won't stay on the charging base without a rubber band. The operator I called for an RMA said this isn't the first complaint of this kind.
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    My own personal experience with this cheap BT headset has not been good. Maybe for the T650 weak bluetooth transceiver it works best by amplifying the ear piece volume, but on the PPC6601 it was really bad. Feedback was unbearable as my callers listened to themselves echo.

    Once again, my disclaimer about bluetooth headsets never being able to please still stands. Bluetooth is somewhat overhyped. Some headsets are more tolerable than others.
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    Wow! Good deal! Tx for sharing!
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