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    I apologize if there are other post about this but i couldn't find them.
    The problem I'm having is that when I'm retrieving more than one email, versamail stops and says there is an error. It only allows me to retrieve one email at a time, so if i have to retieve 6 email i have to do everything six times. Has anyone experienced this and could you please help me?
    Or can anyone guide me to the post that fixes this problem if there is one already.

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    I have same problem.. really P*sses me off! only way to fix it.. is set up new versa mail account with same settings.. under different name.. then delete the old one...
    this works.. but only a few times getting mail will it get all... then is goes back to errors allowing only one at a time.. and if you do that enough.. it gets slow and hangs..
    I have posted this problem on here before and no one has replied to the post..
    yes we need help.. its an email nightmare and almost makes it unuseable!! and calling sprint about it is like complaining to ronald mcdonald when you get a bad cheeseburger.
    if anyone can help with this i would be very appreciative!! ) Please help us!!
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    Hotpop&Gmail, with versamail work almost flawlessly for me. the only time this has happened to me is when reception is very low, and the data transfer is dropped causing timeout. Try downloading email with good/full service. Versamail is far from perfect but I have been pleased.

    Just a suggestion, then again I am no treowiz
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    nope.. not the prob here..
    only using pop to access sprintpcs mail & I always keep my treo topped off. & I have never lost signal getting mail.. this is a bug... nothing to do with signal strenth.
    those who have same prob..what apps u using?
    I use TG, kblitesoff, profeo alarms, mmplayer, pocket tunes, sound off (disable @ moment beacause it hangs when app switching), roam patch, dun patch, & clockpop. no custom roms.
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    i have 2 emails in versa that every time i try and delete, the palm resets. i cant get rid of them. i am gonna bail on versa and use snapper or something else.
    Treo 650 user since 1/05
    Favorite app. = Pocket Tunes (Streaming audio through ).
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    why do I have a $600 phone that is suppossed to do simple email.. geez .. why do I have to spnd more money for an app this damn thing is suppossed to do?! why can't palm fix their f'up?!!! PALMONE SUCKS DONKEY D*CK!!!!
    whew... I'm ok now.... maybe
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    I had the same problem - I found out in my case it did it when I unchecked "Leave mai on server after downloading to Versamail" in the Server Preferences. Apparently this function is broken or something. What I did is I checked that and also checked "Delete mail on the server after deleting from Versamail" box, so next time I check mail it will delete the old messages.

    Also remember it will only delete messages in the server with this feature if you delete AND emtpy your trash. If you delete the message but dont empty your trash, the messages will be left in your server. This looks like a bug to me.
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    I have both checked... so that's not the cause for my prob.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnski1969
    I have both checked... so that's not the cause for my prob.
    You may have to delete the Versamail account on the Treo and recreate it. Something gets corrupted. Thats what I had to do. I also created it with the Windows Versamail setup program and synched, rather than doing it directly on the Treo.

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