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    I recently downloaded an (evaluation?) version of Smartdoc...

    where do the docs go when you back them up on hotsinc? or does this actually happen on the eval version?


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    SmartDoc does back up the files on your computer, even in the evaluation version. The SmartDoc files are in your backup file on your hard drive.

    c:\Program Files\Palm\"UserName"\Backup

    First, you need to go to "info" on your Visor while creating or editing the files, and check "backup on hotsynch". After you hotsynch, the SmartDoc files are in the Backup directory, as a *.pdb file. You need to convert this file to a *.txt file before you can import it into MS Word. You can use a variety of programs to do that, like DocInOut, or PalmDocs. Both are free programs.

    If you need any other help, let me know. I use SmartDoc to take notes at meetings that I attend, and then import them to MS Word for formatting and distribution. I find it to be very very powerful and easy to use.

    Good Luck,

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    Thanks Larry.

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