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    I got this email because, although I bought my Treo 600 unlocked, it had Cingular Firmware and a Cingular SN (I re-flashed it to ROW firmware.) That's all that was in stock at the time and all I cared was that it was unlocked.
    The email says that if you have a CINGULAR or AT&T Treo 600 and upgrade to A CINGULAR Treo 650 via the PalmOne web site, you'll get a free Jabra Bluetooth headset. I went through the order process and I did confirm it put the headset in your cart for $0.00 if and only if you pick the Cingular model (if you pick the unlocked, it's $99.)
    It requires you to enter your Treo 600 Cingular OR AT&T serial number for the offer.
    As a result I did not take the offer since I already placed my order for the unlocked and I'm sticking to it. I would probabally have done it if the Cingular Treo 650 was unlocked as well, but it is in fact locked (unlike the T600 which was unlocked for Cingular.) and I'm not interested.

    Here's the URL

    Attached is a screen shot of the email.
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