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    Hi Marc,

    SO... I'm a newbie to Chatter, and I deserved this.

    Here's where I'm at:

    Yahoo to Fastmail to Outlook & Chatter/Treo

    I need Outlook for all the contacts etc on my desktop, and the Inbox part was working great for a couple of days, Treo synced with Fastmail/Outlook (Inbox only), but it bothered me that I couldn't Sync Sent Folder and Treo Sent.

    I searched a few threads here, and found the 'Reload File' option, and now I've got HUNDREDS of emails syncing to my Treo, from ME? (I don't know from which folder - could be multiple!) they are reloaded to Fastmail /Outlook/Treo (all of them! - copies everywhere!) simultaneously. This has caused my treo to enter a soft reset loop, I cannot turn it on for more than a 30 seconds, so I shutdown Chatter until I can resolve.

    Here's what I'd like:

    Emails to go to Yahoo, then forwarded to Fastmail, then forwarded to Outlook and Treo (instantaneously with Push of course!). Replies to messages from Outlook (sent folder)to be sync'd onto Treo (which folder, you tell me - and how) and replies from Treo (TreoSent folder) to be sync'd with Outlook (which folder and how).

    Is this at all possible? (you use fastmail, so I figure you must know all the add-folder-abilities, etc)

    The way I had been operating (since I started trying Chatter), I only saw incoming and outgoing only from the device I was/had used...which is fine...I'll get by with just that, but perfect world made me think I could sync all folders...including sent folders from Outlook and Treo.

    Let me know, I LOVE the Push ability, and I can respond, but not if every 30 seconds I'm in a reset.

    I know this is my fault, and I hit some button incorrectly, but HELP!...PLEASE.


    PS - I am replying here, because I don't know how/when I'll get emails for now...
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    OMG...It just got worse...the Hundred or so emails that were reloading, everywhere, include being RESENT to ALL recipients...Not Good...I have people asking me what the hell I'm doing resending emails they sent me days and days ago (original, replies, etc).

    What do I do now to start fresh?...Uninstall and reinstall?...right now Chatter is shut down on my Treo.

    Let me know Marc.

    Thanks again!
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    jeffhas -

    This sounds easy:

    1) uninstall Chatter from your treo.

    2) make sure that your fastmail account is properly setup with respect to syncing with Outlook.

    3) make sure that fastmail is setup to pull down messages from your yahoo account (it will do this every 3 hours and it will not dupllicate any forwarded messages).

    4) reload chatter and setup fastmail as your primary account.

    5) make sure that you have the correct server address for fastmail:; make sure your user id and login are correct as well.

    6) In chatter, from Box-Edit Mailbox-Other-Edit SMTP profile, enter the fastmail smtp info (same as in 5) with one exception - for your return address, enter your yahoo email address - this way people will still reply to yahoo. Hit Ok twice.

    7) After your inbox syncs (and your folders load) go to Box-Edit Mailbox-Other and choose Upload Sent Items. You will be prompted to choose a mail folder to upload to - choose INBOX.Sent items. Hit OK.

    8) Go to Box-Edit Mailbox and choose New Mailbox. Now enter all the information you did in #5 above with one exception - choose as the folder to sync the INBOX.Sent items. Hit OK.

    You now will have a sync'd Inbox and a sync's Sent Mail folder, all of which should sync with Fastmail/Outlook/and the Treo.

    Enjoy :-)
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    Thanks ambtreo.

    1) If I delete Chatter, what will happen to the TreoSent messages only on my Treo?...will I lose them?

    2, 3, 4, 5 & some of 6) My fastmail account was working great, syncing inbox instantaneously with Yahoo using IDLE/Push....but I only had an INBOX. All recipients replied to yahoo, all set correct I think!?

    I didn't know about the rest of 6, and 7 & 8....

    Let me know...I'll delete and start over.

    Thanks again!
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    If you save the backup of the database ChatterSentItemsDB and restore it after removing everything else of Chatter, then you'll get your TreoSent Mailbox back.

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    This is like slow torture...

    I deleted all Chatter files except chattersentitemsdb from my PC, but my Treo will not let me delete ANY Chatter apps from my phone.

    What next?
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    Use the "Reset Phone / Upgrade" command from Chatter


    Reset with the stylus while holding the rocker-up key. Release the key when the PalmPowered logo appears.

    Either way, you can then load a new version.

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    Thanks, reset, got Inbox loaded, but there are no 'folders' that match what's on Fastmail for Sent Items...ambtreo said to create a new mailbox, INBOX.Sent items....I tried this, but chatter states folder does not appear on server. Please check that you are using complete folder name. Tried just Sent Items, created new sent items luck.

    At least I'm back where I was, can send emails from Treo, which copies to Treosent folder, can receive emails through Yahoo>Fastmail. But I cannot sync the Sent Items folder in Outlook, which works through Yahoo.

    All messages sent from Treo show as though they came from my regular email address, so I think I have settings correct, but I'm missing the 'how to set up a folder/mailbox on Chatter that will sync with Sent Items folder on Outlook (from Fastmail<Yahoo).

    I assume this can be done, but I'm not getting it to happen.

    Sorry...and thanks.
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    OK...Created Sent Items Folder (on Treo) that Treo uploads to, so now I have two places to look on my treo for sent items(which I don't need)... I still have NO folder in Outlook that shows Treo Sent Items (I created forlder, but cannot link it?) and No Folder in Chatter that shows the Sent Items from Outlook (the Sent Items folder on Treo does show sent items from Fastmail, but I don't use fastmail, I use Outlook.

    Is any of this possible?

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