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    Here's a short excerpt...

    "Our Editor's Choice for phone/e-mail devices, the PalmOne Treo 650, performs better on Cingular's network than on Sprint's, but you'll pay more for the added speed."

    Also there is a review on Cnet that says they had better luck pairing the GSM650 to Bluetooth headsets then they did with the Sprint 650.

    Kevin R.
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    How do they measure performance? What are the true performance differences between the Sprint and Cingular networks?
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    They claim the battery life on the GSM Treo 650 is 7.5 hours versus 5.5 hours for the CDMA. But, according to the P1 website, the CDMA version has better standby battery life (14 days versus 12.5 days).

    Also, I'd like to see some real-world bandwidth tests between the Cingular and Sprint versions. In my tests with Sprint, I got up to 110 Kbps on the phone. When using the Treo as a wireless modem, however, I get over 300 Kbps download speeds. It seems like the processor speed of the Treo itself may be more of a limitation than the actual network speeds.
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    Note the differences with this MSNBC review:

    Note only 64 MB SD and talk time.

    Also, speed differences.
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    The MSNBC article is awful
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