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    What are people running to lock their Treo, and/or delete data if they lose it or have it stolen? I am a little worried I have a lot of stuff on my Treo someone might access.

    I use DataShield for storing data I am worried about people accessing. Not sure how secure that is, but at least it is secured in some way.

    But since I use Chatter for email, that stores all of my recent emails right there on the phone. I could change the login passwords to avoid future access.

    I am not even sure what other information I have which I wouldn't want others accessing.

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    Treoing & Loving it
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    Devguard ("coming soon") will let you send an SMS to your device that will wipe your data...
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    mSafe is pretty good to use , as you can lock the device , wipe the SD Card , pretty good to invest $$$$ on that software
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    Treohelper will let you send an SMS to your phone to lock it at any time...
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    I use Teallock for basic security - it does an excellent job in that area, mSafe for its SMS locking/deletion capabilities. I have TreoHelper installed and use it to turn the radio off and on - it's SMS capabilities are good, but mSafe does a bit better. I also use Cradle Robber - it sets off a tone when the unit is removed from the charger/sync cable.

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