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    Has anyone used the PalmOne Universal Screen Protector that came with their T650's?

    I don't remember getting one of these with my Sprint T600. I bought a boxwave reusable screen protector which I could reuse with the T650, but its a bit worn.

    For anyone who has used the PalmOne Screen Protector, is it removable or permanent (i.e., can you remove it or not)?

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    it is a cheap, junky piece of platic like the screen protector that came on the device when new. It peels off just like any other protector.....

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    Actually, they do give you a screen protector besides the plastic that is on the screen when new. It's a generic sheet with templates on the back--you have to cut it to size. When I first put mine on I was very dissatisfied with it, primarily because it had bubbles I couldn't get rid of. However, over time those went away. In the meantime I had ordered a replacement, can't remember the name of it though.

    Bottom line: it's not as bad as it seems after first installing.
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    if you use a credit card to apply it and are careful it will go on perfectly and hardly be noticable.
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    I had the same bubble issue F1Turbo mentioned. I also hadn't cut it very well and the edges weren't as smoot as I would have preferred. So I got rid of it and applied one of the ones I had never gotten around to using on my 600. I believe they're the ones available from the TC store.
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    The Pa1mOne screen prootectors are crap. I used them for quite some time on my Tungsten T3 and had to replace them every few weeks. If you can, spring for a Brando or Boxwave screen protector. I've had one on for more than a month and haven't noticed any, and mean any, scratches.
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    what he said. palm- crap. boxwave good.
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    I tried to install the included Palm universal screen protector. I cut it to just the right size and started to put it on. But despite my best efforts, I saw all of the bubbles on the half which had attached (and I really mean attached - what kind of glue is on that thing?) to the screen. It looked horrible, so I pulled it off. The glue was so strong I don't know if I could have ever removed it from the screen without damaging the screen.

    So, I ordered the Boxwaves (or whatever they are called) from Treocentral in the 3-pack. Hopefully, my screen won't scratch before they arrive.
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    hmm yeah i had the same problem with the i peeled it off and threw it away should I get a screen protector? I think the regular screen should be durable? anyone with t600 experience?
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    I heard bad things about the included screen protector with the T650... On this site if i recall. Everyone says its too strong a grip on the screen so I was scared to put one on mine. Would you beleive I am STILL going strong with the original flimsy screen protector that came on my screen when new? LOL Its underneath the Treo Formfit case which has plastic over the full front portion so I am good for now... I ordered some screen protectors but they have yet to get here. Possibly tomorrow I hope!

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    I have been using mine for a few months now. Initially, I had tons of bubbles. Most screen protectors that I have used looked like this initially. The bubbles disappeared in a few days. Maybe I have always bought the low grade screen protectors. Now it still looks great.

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