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    I'm a soon to be college student who plans on using my visor/stowaway combo to take notes in class. What are the leading text editors out there, and what features do they have? Also, are there any cases out there that will hold both my visor and my stowaway? Thanks!
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    As a student in the same position, I believe the best solution at this time is SmartDoc. You can check it out at -- basically you can write in it, you don't have the 4k limit of Memopad, and you can save what you write into different categories. Not much else beyond that (no spell check, formating, fonts, type sizes, etc..). You also need to get a DOC convertor if you would like to transfer your notes to Word or another PC application and edit them.

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    I think an outliner is better for taking notes, but the Palm OS ouliners fail to provide a conduit back to Word (never mind one that maintains the outline on transport back to Word).

    I like ThoughtMill due to the efficiency of its interface. It makes it very easy to move sections (even if nested) with a drag and drop (even if where you want to drop the section is not on the screen). ThoughtMill only provides one way to get your info off your Visor, via a paste into Memo (and subsequent sync to desktop/laptop).
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    I have been using SmartDoc for a couple of months now. I attend a bunch of conferences, and take notes at the meetings to distribute when I get back to my office. (sounds alot like a student at classes - No?)

    I find that it works really well, and I have had no problems transferring to my PC and importing it to Word, once I got the hang of where to look and what to use as the intermediate software. I happen to use DocInOut, which was sent to me by SmartDoc Customer Support.

    BTW, you talk about a Stowaway keyboard. I would check out FitalyStamp. It is a software keyboard that works great to tap out your notes on the Visor, and it doesn't take up any physical space, or require setup. I am now tapping (typing) at about 35 WPM, and increasing all the time. Check out the webpage

    Good luck.

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    Originally posted by Larry Chester:
    I happen to use DocInOut, which was sent to me by SmartDoc Customer Support.
    A search for this at PalmGear came up empty. I found a link to DocInOut over at MemoWare, but it was another dead link (to PalmGear, no less) that stated the developer had removed the item.

    Could you post a web address for the DocInOut author so I can check it out directly from them?

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!
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    I got DocInOut from SmartDoc customer support. I have tried to find a live link to the author, and even the links in the documentation of the software are dead.

    If you want a copy, email me direct, and I will forward it to you.

    BTW, I appreciate your comments on VisorCentral.


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