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    Hi All,
    I haven't really made any major changes to my Treo 650, but I've been getting resets almost every time I sync (via USB) from one computer to the next (but subsequent syncs go ok unless I'm installing software in which case I get more resets while syncing).

    I've also seemingly random resets - I had a reset while I was just scrolling up a web page in the web browser. I had one while just navigating the menus of MMPlayer, and while playing a video. Several others that I don't remember off hand.

    For some reason my new scheduled items quit setting off alarms too, even though I have alarms set! Argh! What's wrong with my Treo?!? Do you think it has problems and should be replaced, or is there a software problem that I should try to work out? Maybe Butler is causing problems again? Is there a good alternative to Butler? I really need those alarm settings that Butler has, but Butler has caused 2 problems in the past for me (my Treo would hang for 5 seconds or so on alarms, my screen stopped turning off) - the first time I just upgraded Butler, the 2nd time I unchecked the "Leave Screen Off" setting and then reset, then checked it again, and that fixed that issue. Any ideas on my current problems? I wouldn't think Butler would be causing my resets... TIA,
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    Some info on error messages might be helpful in sorting this out. Each time it does a reset, dial ##377<dial> and make note of the error message it gives. That will help pinpoint the application(s) causing the resets.
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    Hey MacJunkie,
    This is what I get when I do that now (for the most recent crash):
    System Error Log
    A crash occurred on 2/2/05 at 10:57 am while running "Web":
    Fatal Exception

    Here's an update on the alarm. I have now completely uninstalled Butler and reset, and now I still don't get notifications on my calendar items (that have alarms set)... However, I do get alarms/notifications on SMS messages - go figure... BTW, I haven't ever done any overclocking or anything like that on this device. ZLauncher is the only other product that is installed that has to do with the system functionality.

    I just noticed something really weird! Maybe it's always been like this, but when I turn my device off at the home screen (at say 12:53), then turn it back on, it still says 12:53 until I unlock it by pressing the middle key, then it immediately says 12:56... I guess this probably doesn't mean anything though, b/c I left the device on during the time period that a calendar alarm should have gone off, and it still didn't

    Oh, one other possible little anomaly. When I'm in the phone, Messaging, or any apps as far as I can tell, then press the home key, my device quickly does the little "backup" thing (fast enough that I can't read what it's doing). This always happened for a longer time when the apps were in my SD card (understandably), but what is my Treo doing everytime it does this? Thanks,
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    I am having the same problems with my alarms not working and I have NO third party alarm apps.

    This is a basic function and is unacceptable in its unreliability. I'm tired of these issues and ready to return this overpriced paperweight....
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    I've found out more about the calendar alarms. Previously existing alarms *are* going off (from before the problem started happening sometime today). Then, once I synced up with Outlook, new ones started working again, even ones I created on my Treo. I don't get it, but I'm glad they're working again... I'll probably put Butler back on again soon and see what happens (although they'd been working fine with Butler for awhile). TTYL,
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    I have been having an increasing number of random resets recently (one every 2 or 3 days). When I ##377 - ZLauncher has always been the running at the time of the crash.
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    I just got another reset while trying to click on a link in a very simple (text only) web page, and I got this from ##377:
    System Error Log
    A reset occurred on 2/2/05 at 9:33 pm while running "Web":
    Emul65KMain.c, Line: 456, line 1111 exception at address 7324D49C

    Does that give any helpful info in diagnosing my problem? TIA,
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    Isn't this the emulator that runs previous versions of Palm OS ' s? Are you using an old version of Blazer?
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    Nope, I'm just using what came on the phone...
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    Here's an update - I've had a few more resets lately. I received another one on "Web" after a calendar alarm went off (phone was off, but I had been on a web page before turning the phone off). While checking it with ##377, I got another reset:
    System Error Log
    A reset occurred on 2/3/05 at x:xx pm while running "Phone":
    Emul65KCommon.c, Line: 1648, Index out of range

    This one occurred after a successful sync (and I get this reset all the time):
    System Error Log
    A reset occurred on 2/3/05 at x:xx pm while running "HotSync":
    Fatal Exception

    Also, when I tried to view the HotSync log, it said everything synced okay. I'm not sure, but it seemed like the screen froze for a minute or so while viewing the log (I tried to scroll down, but couldn't), but then I realized on that screen you can't scroll or press the middle button for done - you have to use the stylus for both (or my Treo was just messing up on that too)... Any ideas?
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    i've been getting a random reset almost once a day and when i do the #*377, its always zlauncher that causes the fatal exception. anyone else having this prob w/ zlauncher?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zorro869
    I am having the same problems with my alarms not working and I have NO third party alarm apps.

    This is a basic function and is unacceptable in its unreliability. I'm tired of these issues and ready to return this overpriced paperweight....

    I was having the same issue after i uninstalled Agendus Pro trial. I was able to fix it by changing the repeat time to 1 min instead of the 5 min interval. The weird thing is even though it's set for 1 min interval, it still goes off every 5 min. Hard reset will probably complety fix this but for now it works so I won't go that route just yet.
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    Have you tried disabling the network time option? Butler completely fritzted out on me and I was getting the constant resets even though the phone was just sitting on my desk before I did this but both problems have cleared up since.

    I have also noticed it takes forever resets a bunch of times during HotSync if I have made too many changes (added any apps, added a bunch of events or contacts, etc.). Once I get a sucessful HotSync though if I try it again it is super fast and does not cause a reset....
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    I'm having exactly the same problem. On average about one fatal exception caused by zlauncher every day. Does anyone have any fixes for this problem?

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