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    Hi Everyone,

    I have looked around on here and what a great forum you folks have.

    I am a new user to Palm and the 650. I am ordering today an unlocked 650 for use w/ ATT. I was looking to get a little help from all of you knowledgeable people in relation to two areas.

    The first being, are there any known issues that I need to be aware of and take steps to correct. If there are issues, how do I correct them? I know I read on here, somewhere, about there not being enough ROM, and somehow you could write PALM and they would give you a card????

    Also, what are the “must have” applications? I am just learning the PALM OS and trying to get full use from this new phone when I get it. Any help / advise you can offer a newbie like me, I would be appreciative.

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    Thanks for the link. I was also looking for some really cool "gotta have it' app. Anyone willing to get me started.. TIA!

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