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    I was critical of the 650 during the pre-release/initial launch phase. I was discouraged by having to wait for my Vienna Channels unit, and the memory issues, lack of evdo and DUN etc. You all know the stories...

    I never thought that any of the formentioned issues were deal breakers in themselves, but I was more frusterated with P1 for coming so close to creating the perfect device and coming up just a little short- especially considering that most of the issues were things that should have been completely avoidable.

    I was convinced that I was going to move over to the PPC. However, with the delay of the ppc-6600 I decided to throw the towel in and give the 650 a shot.

    I have used an incredible amount of integrated devices in my days. I believe I have had every pda/phone combo that sprint has ever offered, all the way back to one of my all time favorites, the Neopoint 1000. I have used both the treo 300 and 600 each for over a year.

    The first few days with the 650 have been incredible. I am not sure if it is due to the fact that I was expecting to be dissapointed, but I honestly believe that this is the best pda phone in the world. The integration is so much tighter than the 600, activesync is outstanding and far better than pocketmirror for outlook syncing. Voice quality is outstanding, blazer is much faster and better, the main dialing screen integrates with BC to tell me of new emails, the screen is incredible (the 600 looks ancient in this respect) my unit is swift with everything I throw at it. The delay on dialing was completely overblown, switiching apps is essentially instant. I could go on and on.

    I started with a new profile, and only installed approved programs that were on the sticky'ed list in this forum. I have 12.5MB remaining and have everything loaded that I need. In that respect I am not a power user however, I get 50-60 emails pushed to my device each day via bc, I take a minimum of 20 incoming calls, I make well over 40 outgoing calls a day and I browse the web for close to an hour. The 650 has not missed a beat.

    The 600 was a device that was close to being ready for prime time. The 650 just takes everything to a new level. How everything integrates is simply amazing.

    I was very unsure of what I was going to think about the 650. After my time with it I truly believe that the 600-650 jump is more substantial the the 300-600 jump. That says a lot, but this thing is simply usable and efficient.

    So I apologize for any comments I made in the past. The treo is still king of the the hill. In addition, we are all lucky to have the best forum on the web to voice our opinions and create fixes pushing the envelope for this thing even further.

    Neopoint 1000, I300, Treo 300, i330, Toshiba 2032, Treo 600, T608/UX50, I500,Treo 600, G1000, Treo 650, PPC-6600, PPC-6700, Treo 650, Blackberry 7250, Treo 700wx, Motorola Q, PPC-6800, 700wx, Motorola Q9c, Sprint Touch, Sprint ACE, 700wx, 800w, Touch Pro, 800w, Touch Diamond, 800w, Treo Pro, Palm Pre, HTC Hero, Palm Pre, EVO 4G warm2.2
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    Well said..........
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