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    Mort -

    Just out of curiosity, what web browser are you using on your Treo (that was in those photos you posted)?


    - marc
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    This is a nice setup, but I need that expansion slot free. Another solution I just looked into is the iGo PitchDuo product, available at This is a wireless presenter for your Treo that uses the Bluetooth connection to work, rather than the SD slot! It runs on AC/DC and supports all the different monitor seetings (VGA, sVGA, etc)! I liked the idea of this solution, and this may make it happen for me. Thought I'd share!!!
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    This was a definate option that I looked at. But, after finding and reading some reviews, it looks like the Igo is VERY slow in duplicating to the screen, and only a small area of the screen is shown also. I just installed a PC and touch screen in my car, and I am selling my Margi on Ebay as we speak. I will post some pics later this week, but I currently can connect to the web via PDANet, and have GPS AND real time traffic maps on my screen at one time. I duplicate my Treo to the screen via Tapsmart's Handshare (also have PDAReach). It is GREAT! The touch screen acts as a mouse for Windows XP, and I use my treo keypad via Pebbles for the keyboard. Really Trick! Although I shouldn't, I also read and handle my e-mails now on the way to work.

    For traffic, I use a combination of and
    I use for written individual freeway speeds, and for full size live traffic maps.

    I use Requireless Web Viewer as my browser - works great! I have Webviewer, Xiino and Blazer, but Webviewer is the fastest and the best for utilizing a full screen mode.

    More to come. Thanks!
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    Cool stuff! But check out what one of my forum members did with his Zodiac:
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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