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    But you would never be able to use your SD slot and the Margi at the same time :-( That kills this project for me... I wanted to be able to display pTunes or MMplayer on the screen... oh well.. back to the Mini ITX computer idea i guess...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mort
    The refresh rate in "almost" instant. There are three settings in the Mirror program for the refresh rate - slow, medium, fast.
    The Margi adapter works with any monitor with a standard VGA input. This was my biggest concern when ordering the monitor, but it works fine. The Margi Adapter has the SD card on one end, and a VGA plug on the other.
    The only problem are small "quirks" in the Margi program. Sometimes when switching between the palm mode to phone mode to go online, the Mirror connection is lost, resulting in having to start the Margi program all over again. Another problem is "occasionally" everything locks up when refreshing a page, requiring a soft reset (which is not easy travelling at 65 MPH). But I'm not sure if it has to do with the Margi program or just this dumb new OS on the T650.
    Overall, runs great 95% of the time!
    Thanks for the details, Mort. For me, the main issue would be the loss of the SD slot. I keep all of my GPS maps on an SD card, along with several fat applications that I rarely use. So having the VGA display in use would prevent me from using my GPS app, which eliminates a big benefit for me.

    Still, this is an impressive setup. Makes you think, if someone had VGA screens mounted in the headrests for passengers (kids, etc.), you could play movies off of your Treo for them. You'd still have the memory issue to get around, but it's a neat thought.
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    I too had the same situation with maps on my SD card. I currently have about six states on my card, and of coarse LA County is the largest county map at about 6 MB. When I started, I did not have that much RAM available, even after I used PowerRun to move almost everything to my card.
    In desparation, I decided to "hard" boot my T650, and start from scratch. After loading everything I needed back on, I have nearly 10 MB available, and I have LOTS of apps. That's plenty to run multiple maps on RAM, and use the Margi SD card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredgpk
    But you would never be able to use your SD slot and the Margi at the same time :-( That kills this project for me... I wanted to be able to display pTunes or MMplayer on the screen... oh well.. back to the Mini ITX computer idea i guess...

    Well you could always use a presentation solution like the iPitch Duo that connects via BT instead of SD card interface:
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    Well you could always use a presentation solution like the iPitch Duo that connects via BT instead of SD card interface:

    $279.00 !!!!!!!! I'll use the SD slot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Well you could always use a presentation solution like the iPitch Duo that connects via BT instead of SD card interface:
    I agree, it's a bit pricey. But good to know the options. Thanks, gfunkmagic.
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    OK, I don't want to purchase the Iptich, BUT I do want to purchase TomTom 2005. My current Mapopolis works GREAT on my 8" screen, but I really want the new TomTom when it comes out for the integrated traffic updates.
    Unfortunately, TomTom is ran off an SD card, and my SD card slot is full with my Margi connection. Files too big for my RAM, so what options might I have???

    Anyone think I can purchase another Bluetooth PDA (I know, $$$$$), run the TomTom SD card off of it, connect via Bluetooth to my T650, use GPRS for traffic updates into my TomTom program, and go to my monitor via Margi????

    TomTom GO is another option, but no way do I want to go from an 8" VGA montior to a 3.5" screen!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stringbeanie
    Hey Mort, what website gives updated traffic in LA? I have seen mapquest, etc but they are only available for Verizon. I am assuming you are using Sprint.
    Yahoo! Maps now provides live traffic updates - looks great...
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    would the bluetooth iPitch Duo speed be fast enough to play a movie??? How cool would that be!!!
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    Are you able to use your Bluetooth carkit at the same time as your Bluetooth GPS? I thought I read that only one at a time can be used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by treoperk
    would the bluetooth iPitch Duo speed be fast enough to play a movie??? How cool would that be!!!
    Don't get too excited, with the Duo, you load PPT slides into it and use the Bluetooth device like a wireless mouse. I don't think it's a direct, live connection.

    But don't stop the brainstorming, this is a GREAT thread.

    Here's another addition to the ideas, how could we work this Palm controlled audio hard drive based jukebox in to the project?

    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    Anybody know if you could tap something like this into an existing Navigation system on a G35?
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    A simple refresh on my handheld will give me a live traffic map availalbe as I drive on a large screen, which should make me a "much" safer driver than I am today.
    What could be safter than having to stare down under your console every few moments while you drive?
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    I've always debated on a "carputer" but it just seemed like too much work and money for the gain. Using something as simple as my Treo instead of a Windows/Linux box sounds nice but the design mentioned is too basic to me.

    I would like to use a touchscreen monitor to control the pda which the only way I can think of is to put a Windows box in the middle with PDAReach but at that point I would already have a carputer with more features that a PDA.

    The other way I can see this being "driver friendly" would be a bluetooth device that acts as a 5-Way jog dial on the steering wheel and one of the voice launcher apps. I like this idea but just don't see it happening in the near future.
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    Okay, here's what should be designed and marketed as a product:
    You bring your phone to the car and drop it in a cradle. That's connected to the power supply, so it powers everything.

    1. The device connected to the cradle has:
    Video out (via Margi presenter-to-go)
    2. GPS connection (so it's wired, not interrupting the ability to use bluetooth for other things)
    3. Audio out
    4. Optional screen rather than video out for cars that don't already have a display.

    The connector should be replaceable so later upgrades don't ruin the setup. I'd buy that as a product for my car in an instant!

    The advantages:
    1. GPS/nav system that's automatically upgradeable to the latest without paying $3K for new installation - just put the latest on the Treo (or Palm, since this should work with any PDA).
    2. Ability to use it as car MP3 player.
    3. If you have Bluetooth carkit or bluetooth headset, you can still use it.
    4. No bothering with battery life -- the car charges and/or powers everything.
    5. Traffic
    6. Most importantly, the latest TomTom release (coming soon) has traffic built right into the Nav, which it gets dynamically over your data connection.

    This thing is easily worth a *lot* and supersedes all this stupid work the car companies are doing to build in quickly obsolete technology into their cars. What a great prototype you've got...time to start a company!
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    I was at Cebit 2 weeks ago, and BMW Connected Drive had a booth there. They showed off their "web-in-the-car-connected -to-GPS" (Connected Drive). Pretty cool, but pretty expensive (about 5000$), especially since my Treo can do most of it as well.
    I talked to the worldwide project manager about it and he asked me to send him my idea how the Treo could be integrated (just like the iPods...).

    I will still send it to him.

    If you have ideas what you could do with a treo, connected to the BMW-BUS (means you have access to speed, ABS-sensor data,...), let me know!

    Obiously I would like to use the standard BMW screen to show the Treo-screen and buttons on the steering wheel to control the 5-way nav. I have a couple more ideas...
    Business Case for the Treo 650?
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    Great thread.
    I think there are a few options for solutions here...
    What about:
    1) Connection to laptop via BT or USB (or to TabletPC in my case, which gives same profile as an independent screen when folded back).
    ~ I'm pretty sure there are programs that can duplicate the Treo screen on the desktop, so this should be relatively easy & potentially a cheaper solution.
    ~ A power inverter (Costco has a great one that shows digitally how much battery charge you have left & shuts off automatically if it gets too low) can power both Treo & laptop/tablet as you drive. Cost~ $35 with 2 outlets.

    2) Soon to come: the new TomTom 700, which offers real-time traffic (9.95/mo), BT phone hands-free functions (I believe it's voice-controlled, so it's truly hands-free), and even ability to call the on-screen POI (points of interest) through your BT phone.
    ~ Not sure if all this is going to be supported on the T650... TomTom 700 comes out in 1-2 months, I believe. Cost ~$750-800. With TomTom (I have their last model), you still have a relatively small screen, but it fits beautifully recessed in the wheel of my car, so it's right in front of my eyes without having to turn to the side or obstruct the dash. (A friend of mine who's a cop said you can be cited for anything that obstructs the wind-shield (that goes for GPS and fuzzy dice and anything else)).

    I'm sure there are other options, and I'd love to hear more ideas, since traffic-updated Nav is VITAL here in the SF bay and so many other places, too....
    Thanks for all the great posts in this thread, and for the pix of your set-up!
    PS~ Tubby & Hugo- Awesome ideas ;D If you figure out a BMW patch-in, let me know!!
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    OK - I just ordered an HP Carputer off of Ebay. My plan is now:

    Carputer plugged into current inverter.
    Connect T650 to Carputer using USB (both for connection and power).
    Connect my 8" TFT video monitor to my Carputer via VGA cable.
    Duplicate screen on my monitor using PDAReach or MDesk (I have trials on both).
    (My Presenter-To-Go gives me nearly full screen duplication - these 2 programs gives me less than 1/2 screen. Need some help on this.)
    Utilize my SD card for current Mapopolis maps and my Socket Bluetooth GPS.
    (My maps on the card are super-slow, to be resovled next month)
    Go styling down the road!

    Ultimate for next month:
    Buy the new TomTom coming out next month to incorporate both GPS and real time traffic reports.
    Sell my Margi Presenter-To-Go on Ebay.

    Everything up and running for a measly $1,000 or so!
    (Pleeeeeease don't let my wife find out!!!)
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    Any chance of using the Treo through a HP Carputer and a Lilliput 8" Touch screen XGA TFT Car Monitor VGA PC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mort
    (Pleeeeeease don't let my wife find out!!!)
    You always know when the husband does the finances for the house. Cause he's always slipping toys in under the radar .

    Mort - Your setup is sweet and if your wife ever makes you get rid of it all ship it down to me .
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