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    Is anyone working on a unlock patch for us cingular customers who want to use thier phone when they travel ? i wonder if palmone has all the unlock guys under control or not...
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    Yeah, this one is funny. A friend called Cingular and was told that if you had a tri- or quad- band phone, Cingular would unlock it upon request if you were traveling.

    Unfortunately, they don't appear to have any way to actually DO that. A bit of an issue.

    That said, wouldn't this be an absolutely trivial issue? Couldn't you just flash the ROM of the Cingular Treo with the ROM from the unlocked version? (Somebody correct me if I'm being naive).
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    ATT traditionally does not give out unlock codes but Cingular is a different matter. They lock phones but they will give out the unlock code upon application. No need to consider hacks.
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    We won't know that for sure though until someone gets an unlock code from them for the 650. Some folks were saying they wouldn't do it for sure.

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