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    I'm still using my Tungsten and looking to get a Treo in the next week. On the Palm one website comparison page, it does not list Graffiti 2 as an option as far as imput. Is this an oversite on theie part? Is this something I would have to unlock myself or will a third party be the way to go? It has a stylus, so why wouldn't I be able to write with it? Thanks for the help and info.
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    Nope, keyboard..
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    That's a little disheartening. So, is there a third party program that I can use or am I totally SOL?
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    I was a prety proficient Graffiti person and didn't want to have anything to do with the Treo. When I couldn't get the "i forget now" phone, I settled for a Treo 300. A day later I had forgotten all about Graffiti and obviously the other phone. I did install Graffiti anywhere on my Treo 600 for some some program that had some trouble with cut and paste (only understood Graffiti) and that worked quite well. Free I think. I haven't tried it on my 650 yet but I will probably get around to trying Graffiti anywhere again.

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    Go to for the free download. You write on the silkscreen area. Great optional settings.
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    Thanks for the info, I will definately do that. Are there any other apps I should be looking at for the 650. Ones that people might consider a must have?
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    FYI: And if you're partial to the original Graffiti, you can just add those files, plus Graffiti Anywhere, and enjoy the best of both worlds: keyboard input plus full-screen graffiti-ing.

    The Graffiti 1 library files for download:
    The how-to, step by step:
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    I could not get the Graffiti 1 files to work on the Treo 650. I too am G2 challenged. I tried out TealScript and it works wonders. It allows you to write anywhere on the screen like Graffiti Anywhere, but it recognizes G1 strokes, which for me was a must. At $30 it is EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!

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