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    I've configured my Treo 650 to sync calendar and contacts using Outlook. The contacts sync fine, but the calendar never syncs. I'm using HotSync Manager 6.0.1. There are never any errors when syncing. When I go to the log after the sync is complete it reads:

    Outlook Calendar
    - Do Nothing
    OK Outlook Calendar

    When I go to the HotSync setup the "Action" on the Calendar Conduit has changed from "Synchronize the files" to "Do Nothing". Sometimes when I try to change the default action on the calendar to synchronize HotSync crashes. Occasionally I have been able to change to default to synchronize but without fail, after performing a hotsync with the 650 the calendar doesn't sync and the action has defaulted back to "Do Nothing." This is driving me crazy. Everything works great but this and I have no clue what the problem could be. Can anyone help me?
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    At first everything was fine (for two days) with my 650.

    I told the Treo to archive anything older than a week and back it up on my desktop. I think it no likey.

    Now this is what I get in the log:

    Outlook Calendar
    OLERR:03-0058 (0xca44010a)
    OLERR:03-005E (0xcc54010a)
    - Recovery Sync
    Outlook Calendar synchronization failed

    Bummer. What to do? Any suggestions.
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    Creighton - are you using Exchange Active Sync for one of your VersaMail accounts? This will force you to NOT get calendar sync as it would create duplicates on both the handheld and the server.

    SciPug - Looks like an Outlook error. Not sure which one but you might try going to the help menu in Outlook and choosing Detect and Repair.
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    get pocketmirror xt, it works fabulously
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