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    Recently (within the past few releases), I have noticed a substantial decrease in battery life. Chatter is the main application i use, although I wouldn't call myself a "heavy user" of it. Are there any settings I can modify to improve battery life? Treo barely makes it through the evening now (it used to be good for 1.5 days with chatter 1.19.x under similar usage)...?

    p.s. Chatter rules, by the way.

    Sorry about starting this new thread... just found the battery life thread below... re-posted there with edits. (I tried to delete this thread, but wasn't allowed to)...
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    Perhaps you should buy PXAClocker. I set my system to run at half the default system speed on most apps and have no issues.

    It seems to help my battery life a lot, especially if your always playin around on your phone.

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