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    Hi guys,

    after months of waiting (actually years, since I wanted the Treo 600 at first...) I ordered my GSM Treo today to ship it to Germany asap (it is not available here yet. Instead they still try to sell the Treo 600 for @900$

    Will all adaptors that fit the T5 fit for the Treo as well?

    Will I be able to use a GPS/charge cable that is intended for the T5 with the Treo 650? I thought it is the same so called "Multiconnector".

    Does anybody know a place where to buy such a cable (US or Germany)?

    I know about the seideo products but I would like to use a holux GPS receiver and not theirs.

    Thanks for your help on this one,
    Business Case for the Treo 650?
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    The sync and power connections are supposed to be the same. I have the palmOne car charger and it says it is for the T5 and 650.
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