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    I am a fan of Ecco. Due to Netmanage discontinuing support for it and now at work I receive all my email and contacts and tasks thru Outlook, I had stopped using Ecco. I did not get a chance to ever use it on a palm PDA before this happened. Alas, I rediscovered the other day what a wonderful product it was for Windows and realized I could still use it's outlining capabilities to brainstorm and its "to do and date folders" to perform specific project management. Does any one know how I can still use Outlook to get my contacts, to do's , email etc. on my Visor and simultaneously run Ecco for other uses. If so I need to know how to get the program files which would run on the Visor--I have the desktop program for Windows. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Ecco works well with Palm products, although there have been issues with Palm OS >=5 and with WinXP.

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