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    I'm not sure if it's because of some software I installed, or an update, or if it's because it's the first of the month (I remember reading about a similar bug that happened on the first of last month for some people)... but my phone keeps turning it's own screen on. I turn it off, but a minute later it flips it's own screen back on. It seems to be related to blue tooth, because the bluetooth icon seems to light up when the phone comes on... maybe the periodic signal coming from my headset is now somehow turnign the display on at set intervals?

    As I remember, some people said they got arround the bug by turning bluetooth off. It seems like other solutions had to do with setting particular dates in the calendar? I don't know if this is the same problem as before, but it sounds very similar. One thing to note... I did just install the "bluetooth car kit" today, among other things... Any suggestions how to make my phone go to sleep? I don't want to disable the Bluetooth...

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    I just recently downloaded an app called BT Toggle... Works flawlessly, Tricks the phone into thinking BT is on and only turns BT on when an app needs it. My battery time seems to have doubled since I began using it... Worth a look if anything. There are some freeware BT apps and sourcecode on his site as well. (Under the Dec 11th Entry)

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    Need help...i just downloaded the BT toggle app and I immediately began having problems with BT. After the download I could get the phone to transfer the call to my headset. This happen with incoming and outgoing calls...Maybe I need to just the settings or something. Any guidance???
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    any guidance at all.....please someone....anyone??
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    uninstall bt toggle, it is not designed for the 650. that's what I did, in addition to the problem you described, it messed up my power button too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacobh
    I'm not sure if it's because of some software I installed, or an update, or if it's because it's the first of the month

    I would guess that there is some piece of software you installed causing this BT problem. I have never had this problem with my phone.
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