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    I just got my Treo 650 (Sprint) today. The phone works fine, but I can't get Internet access for messaging, the web, e-mail, nada. Is there some special setting that I need to change to get this to work?
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    you need a data plan from sprint get the vision plan. if you already have a data plan then call customer service to have them help you set it up
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    have you tried to provision vision and gotten an error? What have you done so far?
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    call up sprint and let them know you cant go online. I had to go through 3 sprint reps to get me online. They had to do some changes in the phone settings. Be sure you get someone that can speak ENGLISH very well because if you get one of those people that are from'll get pissed off in no time.

    Here's a convo i had with a sprint rep from over seas
    Me: "hey i would like to do an ESN swap"
    Her: "ok, i can help you with that. I need to verify that this is your account"
    -We go over the account pw n' sn n' such-
    Her: "can i talk to your mother?"
    Me: "um...i'm 18...i pay the bills...i've done an ESN swap before and you do not need to talk to my mother"
    Her: "yes i do"
    Her: "i'm a Sprint Rep, and your telling me how to do my job??"
    Me: "Yes, it's too bad your getting paid like 6 cents an hour and i'm here telling you how to do the ESN swap"
    i hang up on her n' talk to a sprint rep at a store.I then try again to call up a sprint cs rep....i got lucky and got someone that knew what he was doing. thanks god

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