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    Alright, who has the best map solution for the visor? I know of handmap and rand mcnally. Does either give you maps that you can zoom in and out of? I know handmap is cheaper if i only want one or two counties, does rand mcnally give you a limited amount or the whole US?

    I know about mapquest but you can't zoom in and out, and sometimes I want to check the map while walking, not neccessarily when I'm going somewhere in particular.

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    we were discussing this not too long ago and there were a few solutions that were brought up. check out the above link.
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    Mapoplois is awesome and it's free! You can download free maps too. It even allows for searches by street name etc. Everyone else can keep looking for the perfect map program, I found mine.
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    Mapopolis looks like a fine program, but unfortunately, I live in Los Angeles. The map for L.A. County is 2.5mb, and even with my 8mb deluxe, that's a little "spendy" on ram for my tastes.
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    I, too, have decided that Mapopolis is the best solution at this time.

    It's far from perfect (no searching, no bookmarking, large files, etc...) but it is detailed down to the street level.

    Can anyone say how the file sizes of Mapopolis compare to other mapping programs available?

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    Originally posted by homer:
    ... Can anyone say how the file sizes of Mapopolis compare to other mapping programs available?
    I was playing around with Mapopolis last night and this is a comparison with the Quo Vadis maps from Marcosoft (It is supposedly the maps that come with the HandyGPS unit, if/when it ships ).

    The Quo Vadis number is a sum of all of their maps that are equivalent to the county Mapopolis maps.

    Mapopolis Quo Vadis
    Denver 222KB 122KB
    San Diego 1695KB 1003KB
    Salt Lake City 608KB 347KB

    Hope this helps,

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    After looking at Mapopolis maps and comparing them to QuoVadis maps, I'd have to say that Mapopolis maps are much larger. This is probably because of the business information they put in. I also noticed several errors in the maps (streets going through where they shouldn't and missing streets). But then QuoVadis had its share of errors also. Plus QuoVadis is broken down to the city level. You not only have to load the county's map, you also have to load all of the city maps as well (county maps don't include information on the cities). This can be good if all you want is info on the city (saves space), but bad if you want all of the county info (could be a lot of files).


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