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    Quote Originally Posted by 2smart4phone
    Viewing Porn sites on your PDA will kill your keyboard. I'm on to all you guys. Keyboard problem....uhuh.
    Got me.

    Can you help me with the hairy battery door issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zorro869
    Got me.

    Can you help me with the hairy battery door issue?
    Sorry man, my eye sight is failing.....
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    I have the O key issue on a brand new Verizon T650 that I received just this week from P1. CS rep at P1 said I was one of many people having problems with their keyboards on newly shipped Verizon T650's. They are replacing - in 2 weeks after they get more in stock.
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    My "P" works but I don't hear or feel a "click" when I press it. All the other keys give the feedback. I wonder if I should have Sprint replace it before it actually goes out like some the others have!

    Anyone know what the policy is? I'd rather get a new one versus a refurbished one... I am new to Sprint, should I call then or go into an actual strore?
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    Just found this thread as an answer to a problem that I recently discovered with my 650. Like others here, my entire keyboard just stopped working, and I've diagnosed it down to a problem with the "P" key. My "P" key actually still partially works, but has lost it's tactile feel (key depress). However, the malfunctioning key appears to have "blocked" the entire keyboard from functioning properly, rendering the phone useless...
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    I just joined the broken "p" key club over the weekend. Unfortunately, with mine - the key thinks it is constantly being pressed. Thus, when you wake it up - it's very difficult to get the key guard to unlock. I guess I'll have to take it down to a Sprint store today.
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    mine was the right shift key. I got sick of my keypad being broken and from what you all said it is hard to get real help with this design flaw. yesterday I spent $5 on an 8 in 1 torx screwdriver and a little surgery on my treo. I voided the warranty but fixed the key for $5. now it's as good as new again plus now I'm familiar with the treo guts. hope the rest of you solve your problems as easily!
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    i got a stuck key its not that bad though. Its the shift or up arrow key on the bottom right corner (last key from right). I just push it until it works again.
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