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    Hello Everyone!!

    Have been using Pocket Tunes 3.0.6 for over a month no problems.
    When I copied it to my SD card thinking I can free space and run it from there. It seemed to work fine... But then I accidently deleted it from my phone now it says, searching for songs and locks up?

    And I noticed this happening after I deleted it, then reloaded it...
    :menu: Is there a file missing?
    If anyone has any insight one this please let me know...

    Thank you all in advance!!

    - Jim
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    Shoot an email to Gerald and Tim are very, very helpful and should be able to answer your questions...
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    Seems I got Pocket Tunes working again...

    Now it just crashes everytime I push the home icon...

    Pushed ##377# and got "Fatal Exception" error caused by Pocket Tunes?

    Anyone want to chime in?

    - Jim
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    Since we are on the subject, I have a problem where Pocket Tunes locks up after the Treo 650 soft resets (not necessarily while running Pocket Tunes). When I launch Pocket Tunes after a soft reset a message displays saying that my device soft reset & if I think the soft reset was caused by Pocket Tunes, that I should email Pocket Tunes Support. Once I click OK, Pocket Tunes goes to the main screen & the Treo locks up. If I soft reset again, it continues to happen. The only way I have been able to fix it, is by launching Palm Insider Pro & delelting the itunes skin I have installed. Once I have done that it works fine. So I think it's either the skin or the way Pocket Tunes interacts with the skin after the crash warning message displays. Has anyone else seen this?
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    Problem with the interaction of the program and the T650, not T600.

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