I have all of my emails since October '99. Every so often I archive them. I don't know why I keep all of them, but I do.

Anyways. When I get my treo, I want to be able to get all of my email on it. But I also want to get all of my email on my home PC. I have 2 main email addresses that I use. One for personal/business and one for school. I have "power" over my personal email as I own the domain, and co-own the server it runs on. I am almost certain I have IMAP on that server. My email address for school I am also pretty certain has IMAP.

My question is how do I go about having all my email, everywhere, all the time?

Is this the glory of IMAP? With IMAP it leaves the message on the server correct? So when I get new email, my treo (with the help of chatter) will get the new message as well as my home pc? If not, how does it specifically work.

And once the email is downloaded and read, is there a way to tell the server that it has been read?

I use Outlook 2k4 on my pc. I've been using versamail just to sync my mail whenever I travel out of town. I've been syncing my Inbox (which has all my personal emails) and another "inbox" type folder for my school account.

Should I even have to mess with syncing mail once I get the treo since I will have net access?

Ok, that is enough questions for now. Sorry if I rambled.