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    I don't know what to make of this conversation I had with a Verizon rep recently...

    I got a phone call yesterday from a Verizon rep to tell me that I haven't updated my old plan and that I could get a better deal if I re-up my contract (true, since I've been out of my contract for a few years already). So, of course, I mentioned to him that I'm planning to leave Verizon shortly (probably to Cingular) to get the Treo 650, unless he could give me any reason to hope that a Verizon release of the 650 was anywhere in the works.

    Well... he told me that it was in testing, yada, yada... (He actually seemed pretty knowledgeable about the new Treo.) But when I pushed him, he said "I don't want to lie to you, but the 650 has been having some problems with the removable battery over-heating, and it looks like Verizon has decided NOT to release the Treo 650 at all.

    Gee, I hope this isn't true...
    A) because I really would have liked to have the 650 on the superior Verizon network.
    B) this gets me concerned that there is another brewing hardware issue with the 650.
    C) most of my family and co-workers are on Verizon, and I still hate to loose all that free in-network calling.

    But right now I am so tired of my Kyocera 7135 that it's not going to be much longer before I bail from Verizon to get the 650. Nevertheless, would someone please tell me that this guy probably doesn't know what he's talking about, so I'll feel better? Anyone hear anything different from any Verizon contacts?

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    I know that the Kyo 7135 had a problem with defective batteries and Kyo had to replace them. It would be a bit strange if both phones had the same problem. Could it be he was conusing the two? Of course, as a Treo 600 user on VZW, I have given up hope that VZW will release the 650. I would jump carriers if it wasn't for VZW's coverage. Their phone offerings always seem to be the weakest amont the major carriers.

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