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    Graffiti has a few small problems that really slow me down. The main one is the 5. It often is read as a 9. I even went to the Graffiti application where it shows you what you are writing and what I write is very much a 5. But often it reads it as a 9. Also sometimes reads a 4 as a 0 and the shortcut symbl as an M. And both of the strokes look very much like what they are supposed to. Much more so than 0 or M.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any hacks out there to corrct it?
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    There are several programs that are used to help you correct and/or modify your graffiti. I use TealScript. It lets you add your strokes to the graffiti database.
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    It probably is not possible, but it would be really cool if a hack could be made that would allow the Visor to read and interpret Gregg Shorthand.
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    Best hack I've found to correct the 5/9 trouble and other numeric issues is keypadhack, combined w/ a small laserprinted-on-acetate keypad template stuffed in the corner. I fergit where I dl'd (and .pcl), but they work great. Email me if you'd like them sent.

    Numeric data is *so* much easier via keypad!

    (Possible other solution: use alternative graffiti strokes. 4=C in number area, 5=S in number area, 9=h in number area.)



    "Vaya con Visor!"


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    As an alternative to grafitti, try searching out a utility called Quikwrite. The first incantation was a demo application to show how it could be used. I think they have a Hack extension now.

    But it's a way of writing without EVER lifting the stylus. It's one continuous motion of moving from quadrant to quadrant, and a fairly effective way to write. I loved playing with the demo application, and one of these days when I have some time I intend to finally install Hack and the Quikwrite hack.
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    No solution for your "5" problem but these graffiti shortcuts may also help everyone...

    Graffiti tricks

    (I think I spend way too much time reading about the Palm OS tips and tricks...)

    Also, I'd be interested in one of those acetate numeric keypad overlays. How do I get one of those?
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    Originally posted by AndrewB:
    As an alternative to grafitti, try searching out a utility called Quikwrite.
    You can find it at

    I tried it for a while and got about as fast as grafitti, although it hurt my brain when writing that fast. It is definitly not intuitive. I think it has the potential for being faster and more acurate than graffiti, but not 3 times as fast as the developer claims. It's also not practical if you need to look away as you write, as it is zone based an unforgiving if you are not accurate.

    I currently have the hack on my Palm, but it's not installed. The newest version , 2.1, includes an autocalibration feature that displays the 'zone' that the stylus is in. Unfortunetly this zone display interferes with several applications, obscuring some text. I'm hoping the next version will allow that as an option that can be turned off. Give it a try, it's interesting.

    Also, don't think about using it seriously without the templates, which can be downloaded and are easy to install.

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    Originally posted by Rembrandt:
    Graffiti has a few small problems that really slow me down. The main one is the 5. It often is read as a 9.
    Graspeedy addresses this issue somewhat, although not for the characters you are having problems with. One of its features is a graffiti monitor. It checks for the backspace character and then will change the preceding character to one that is typically mistyped. But the characters it looks for is limited to just the 4 most common mistypes. Maybe future versions will allow the graffiti monitor to be user definable.
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    John and Corky:

    As far as overlays, there are now lots to choose from: the Silkyboard, FitalyStamp, Thumbtype, and a few others I can't remember at the moment. Personally I use TapPad, which has a numeric keypad, keys for undo, cut, copy, paste, backspace, delete, shortcuts and up-down-left-right cursor arrows. It's the right choice for me since I like Graffiti for entering letters but agree that tapping is better for numeric input. But some people prefer an alphanumeric overlay like Silkyboard or FitalyStamp.

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    I don't seem to ever have that problem with 5 and 9. Just do a 5 like an S. Also, a 4 can be made like an L or C and a 7 like a T.
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    (Posted here, and emailed)


    What graphics programs do you have or have access to? I downloaded an encapsulated postcript file, rasterized it into Photoshop, and printed it with a laserprinter onto an overhead transparency. I can send you a .psd, .tif, .jpg, whatever.

    Had to experiment a little bit to get the right trimming dimension, but once I got it, I ended up w/ a clear acetate that stuffed between the screen and the top housing that covered the numeric portion of the graffiti area with a keypad.

    If you want to try keypadhack w/out the acetate, get some of that Blue-Boxed Scotch tape and put a piece over the graffiti area. Tap to find where the numbers are and sketch in the keypad.


    ...And Gameboy70...

    Nice tip on TapPad. Looks like there's some good functionality there. Have you found any incompatibilities or difficulties?

    And re: QuickWriting- Cool as heck, but a pretty steep learning curve. I practiced a lot on the java app demo before my Visor arrived, but the reality was that I had the spare grey cells for Graffiti but not enough for QuickWriting.
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    I haven't had any incompatabilities or difficulties yet. It even works with MiddleCapsHack, which I expected to be a problem. However, I just received an email a couple of days ago from Brochu Shareware informing me that there's a bug in the driver that will make the software not work after thirty days. They gave me a link to download the new driver, so that problem's been fixed.
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    Forget hacks. Get Jot!

    Jot was the only redeeming quality that the WinCE systems had. The character input is *way* more natural, and much more forgiving for those of us who are left handed.

    You can download a demo version from The only drawback is that it costs $39...but it's worth every penny!
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    SHerrman is right about the 4, write it like a L and you can't go wrong. What I do with the five is the following: I write a five on paper with two strokes. I add the horizontal line at the top, last. So I just use my first stroke to write my 5 on paper and forget about the second stroke. So far I've got no problem with the confusing mixed up.
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    I use Jot too. I tried to learn grafitti, but coming from a Newton eMate, which has awesome text recognition, I found grafitti cumbersome. Here are a few redeeming qualities with Jot.

    No more special "upward"gestures to switch case or use caps lock. To make a capitial letter you simply draw the letter between the two triangle that seperate the alpha/numeric areas. Plus, you have serveral choices to form each letter. Usually one is just like it's grafitti counterpart and another is more like regular handwriting. That combined with the frustration of the puncuation functions of grafitti make Jot well worth the price for those not willing to compromise too much on the way they write.

    It's at least worth trying the demo.

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