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    so i've heard just about every conceivable horror story about the desktop software and upgrades and all that, and i've had my fair share of problems.

    i'm an 8.5 os user - i'm holding out for osx before upgrading my mac - and had lots of serial port monitor issues, and even more issues with instant palm desktop. i resolved them all, mainly by disabling as much as possible. so my question now is this:

    as an older os user, will it behoove me to upgrade to the new palm desktop (2.5?) or should i count my blessings and wait till osx and whatever i'll need then?

    any thoughts, you mac users out there?

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    This topic probably belongs in Troubleshooting, but I'll answer:

    I've also had problems with the serial port monitor. A lot of other people do, a lot don't.

    Palm Desktop 2.5 never completely worked for me. It works for some people. The biggest problem that people mention is that it typically allows one hotsync, and then you need to restart your Mac to hotsync again.

    If you are sticking with 8.5, be sure to upgrade to 8.6...much more stable.

    OS 9 is not a bad upgrade, BTW...well worth the money.

    If you do that, there is a fix from Handspring for OS9.04 problems (may fix OS 8.6 problems as well):

    And I wouldn't call OSX an "upgrade". That'll be a totally new system and will not necessarily be promoted as an upgrade to OS 9.

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    For upgrading to OSX when it comes out should not be too much of a problem. This lies in the fact that Apple is loading in OsX "classic" which is i understand it will load older programs that aren't OsX or "aqua" compatable. Ithink palm desktop should fall under that, but i'm not sure.

    It seems like "classic" will be sort of an Os9 and back emulator since OsX is not even truely Macintosh anymore, but rather Unix based.

    tha's just how Iv'e read it, I could be totally wrong.
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    No, you are right. You will/should be able to use ANY mac software in OSX. My point was, as you have mentioned, that OSX is not an "upgrade" as past Mac OS's were...rather, it's a completely new operating system. You'll need to do the whole reformat-your-drive-and-do-a-complete-install routine and then reinstall all of your old software...unlike current Mac OS upgrades.

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