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    This seems to have fixed my dropped calls problem in San Bruno. The Treo would pick up a Sprint weaker Sprint tower over a stronger one consistently, now it prefers the stronger one.

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    It made my bluetooth louder, fixed roaming, fixed resets, and even turned my T650 into a PPC. Dang nice patch for 4k worth of data
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    This patch seems to have made my signal stronger at my home where before I could not get even one bar inside my house. Now I get one bar and it roams more now or connects to Sprint. It still sucks that I cannot use my T650 at my home consistantly without losing signal. Maybe it's because I have a metal roof.

    If it's in roaming mode, can I still surf the internet?
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    Wow, I used to get 2 bars at work, now I get 3.


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    AAARRRGGGHHH... Installed this today.

    Now 30 seconds after the phone turns on, it reboots... every friggin' time!

    Help... please....
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    Hard Reset + BackupMan restore seems to have restored phone usuability.

    I noticed that you couldn't access Phone->menu->Options->General Preferences until the phone had been on for at least 30 seconds. Does anyone know what the phone does at the 30 second mark that would have been causing my to reboot?
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    Sorry about that eric,
    but man I am happy to hear that this patch may inch up the signal a bit. I live in a fringe area as well. One more little bar would do wonders.
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    Downloaded and ran the Roaming patch. It fixed the problem of dropping calls. However, now when calls connect there is no voice connection on either end. When I use my 650 to call my wife's 600, both phones show a connection but no sound can be heard from either phone. When I reverse the call the other way, I get the same thing. Both phones show a connected call but no sound. Voice mail and external calls do the same thing --- connected but no sound. I am in Telluride which may present some unique problems. I believe the local carrier here is Alltel. Sprint is baffled and says they have not heard of this complaint. They recommended a hard reboot and reload the patch. Did not work. I'm hoping there are some others out there.
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    I just got the 650

    Wondering if there is anyway for me to tell if this patch is already installed
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    Quote Originally Posted by gagan
    I just got the 650

    Wondering if there is anyway for me to tell if this patch is already installed
    Got me, I got mine a couple of weeks ago and I just downloaded and ran the patch. I have no clue if it had it or not but it installed on the second try.
    I've seen no ill effects on the phone from installing the patch.
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    No ill effects either but it seems like I slip into Roaming more with the 650 than I ever did (in the same places) with the 600. Wait a minute or two, and I come off roaming.
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