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    I just got back from the sprint store with a brand new treo 650. I could not take the wait any longer for cingular. I got my treo for 399.00, 2 yr contract. I love this phone!!!! The screen is amazing. I tried to hold out for cingular, but I compared bills and going with sprint ends up to be cheaper for me. I also like that sprint is always the first ones with our new treos, and they also offer insurance, in case something happens to your phone. Now I am charging and loading up my treo.
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    Congrats! But load it up slowly so you can figure out what program causes the crash when it resets..

    I mean if!
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    I am having a problem already, I couldn't sync over shadowmites patch, or silverscreen launcher. I am thinking I have to uninstall palm desktop, and reinstall the one that came with the 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soccrnj80
    I just got back from the sprint store with a brand new treo 650. I could not take the wait any longer for cingular.
    lol, such an impulsive buyer. I don't blame you for going with Sprint if you're looking at it from a savings point of view over the two years contract ($120 at least). Of course, if Cingular delays the shipping any longer all the GSM thread(s) users will either follow you or they may, worse yet, ask me how I am doing with my PPC6601
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    I love this phone!!! I got shadowmite's hack for dun working great, I am not sure if I need to apply his rom for the sound fix. I am going to get my free card from palmone now as well. I was going to wait for the gsm, but I really looked at my bill now with cingular, and what I really use, and sprint worked out to be cheaper for me. I love the 15.00 unlimited plan, I can't believe how fast the web is on my treo. I am used to a tungsten t3 and t616. This thing is FAST.
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    the terocentral store newsletter I just got had a link for the 650 for $319.99 so I don't know if that would have been a better deal for you or not. maybe the sprint store will match this price since u just got the phone?
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    When you upgrade to the 650 DO NOT install the 650 software without first uninstalling the software for the 600. If you install over top of the old software you will have alot of problems.
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    And FYI on the palm free 128 card -- i ordered Thursday night, was sent out Friday, and just received it today, Tuesday (free shipping option)... Pretty quick -- 3 days from KY to NY.

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