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    I just got confirmation that Sprint will replace my Sprint 650. Stupid headphone jack crapped out on it. So much for convergence

    Anyway, I don't have any hacks or anything but I want to make the transfer to the new phone easy as possible.

    I know there is a backup of my device on my PC but I'm not sure of the brest way to proceed.

    I have to reinstall KeySuite
    Resync to my Outlook
    Set up my Versamail
    Keep my speed dial numbers (really important since I use every available button for a speed dial)
    Keep my pictures, video, etc.

    Is there a way to just dump the backup from my PC to the new device?


    I still have the original phone until my new one comes in.
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    I think you just hot sync the new phone with your PC and almost everything will be there. Ringtone assignments to your speed dial and others will be lost, and there may be a couple minor things, but I don't recall.
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    I swapped mine out yesterday. All I did was HotSync the new 650 and all of my apps, contacts, and appointments were right where I left them.

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