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    I want to use my Visor to read my daily trade e-mail (Industry Standard, Wired, etc.). There is a max out on the number of charachters (I forget if it's 4000 or 8000).

    If someone came up with an way to make it UNLIMITED, I would gladly purchase it. Assuming we're looking at an app, not a module, I'd be willing to pay between $5-$10 for it.

    If you already have this, or have any suggestions, please contact me at
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    So after doing some digging (here at visorcentral) I came up with the following

    multimail from ~$40-$60
    companionlink from ~$75
    intellisynch from ~$70-$110

    Question one: is there a cheaper solution?

    Question two: of these three, who has used what and what is your opinion?

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