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    Ok, With the help of treo Central I managed to unlock an ATT Treo 600. Now I'm back for more, you Princes of PDA.

    I'm using a GSM Treo 600 on Cingular's network. I want to look at excel and word files mailed to my gmail account.

    My trial of Snappermail doesn't work with Docs To Go (version 6 that came with the treo)

    The Treomail app won't retreive all my messages (it's ignoring some recent ones for reasons unknown). Others that it pulls in, it only gets the first portion, despite my preferences asking for the first 60K.

    Gmail-lite won't work with Docs to Go either and doesn't seem to download enough of the attachment anyway.

    What I know: my smtp server is already (but this never seems to connect anyway so I can't send anything out) on Treo's app.

    Another poster said that by registering with Cingular and using the cingular id, they've had luck with Treo's mail app. I've tried my name, my number and the random number assigned by cingular, but all with no luck.

    Any help would be much apppreciated here.
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    Try using VersaMail. That's what I use and am able to access my gmail. You can also access Gmail through the web browser.
    Just hit

    If you're using the VersaMail client, setup your and Also, use the SSL ports for incoming and outgoing mail (you can find these ports in the gmail pop help).

    I've had no problems using versamail since I've set it up. The only limitation is that since you have to use the SSL authentication, you can't set it to automatically grab your mail at intervals. You have to pull it down yourself. SnapperMail (another program I've heard good things about) may not have this limitation.

    Hope this helps.

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