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    First, thanks to everyone that helps out their fellow users through this, and other forums like this. Much respect.

    I'm just trying to figure out all the ins and outs of my Treo 600...

    ...and after installing pTunes and trial version of mp3Ringer, I realize that pTunes in using 17M of space leaving me only 2.5M left of avail space... Could this be accurate..?

    Could this be mp3Ringer needing to convert the mp3s from my 512M SD card to the RAM to use as ring tones, or...? Is there another mp3 ringtones app that works better and does not cost much..?

    I have all my mp3 files on the SD card, and after reading a lot of these threads am leaning toward installing one of the app launchers and moving pTunes to the memory card. Good move..??

    Also, is there a brief, understandable tutorial on the memory issues on the Treo...?

    Sorry for all the questins!!! Thanks in advance for your help!!
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    if you convert a MP3 to ram it will put it under ptunes size. had this issue with lightwav.

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