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    Has anyone tried using their Nutshell case from their 600 for their new 650? I paid a pretty penny for my 600 case and love it, and would hate to have to give it up when I upgrade.
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    I can confirm that it will work with the T650. It's tight, but not appreciably more so than the T600 was.

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    Thanks for the response. I'm guessing it will stretch over time. I just don't want to give up my nutshell, especially because it seems like it takes a month to get a new one from them. I'm assuming you're using Butler or something else to keep the treo 650 from answering itself?
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    I use the Nutshell as my 2nd case - primarily for outside, inclimate or generally Treo-unfriendly environments. The Covertec horizontal is for regular day-to-day wear - but you're spot on - I use Butler to manage inadvertent answers for both cases.
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    Nutshell is the BEST...
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    How does Nutshell do with sitting down. The vertical case I have now I have probems with "bunching up" and jabbing me in the stomach when I sit in some chairs. That is why I was looking for a swivel clip (I need a clip as I do not always have a belt).

    Someone mentioned this case but there are qu. about if the magnet will affect the screen

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