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    Hi, all.

    I installed 1.0b20.5 on by Treo650 last night and today I've missed three calls that never rang but went straight to voicemail. Also, visually, it seems like the "green arrows" are lit up more often and longer than they had been in prior releases.

    Has anybody else seen this?


    ChatterEmail 1.0b20.5
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    I had a problem when I upgraded to 20.3, but my green arrows were staying constantly on. I deleted all of chatter and reinstalled it, and that did the trick for me.
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    Dan - There shouldn't be any difference (no network code changes). But if you send me a log, I can see if it's doing anything unusual.

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    Hmm... It seems to be better now. Maybe my callers just had bad timing this morning.


    PS. IMAP IDLE Push email rocks.

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