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    I'm looking for a spreadsheet app that will synch with Excel on my Mac laptop. Ideally, it would support workbooks. I've done a little browsing on PalmGear, but there descriptions don't always match the developers own descriptions and I've gone on a few wild goose chases looking for the Mac synch capability. So, I thought I'd just see if someone already has a working setup. FWIW, the spreadsheets I'm wanting to synch are very simple. Thanks for any help!
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    What you want is called "quicksheet". I forget what the website is called...but do a search anmd you'll find it. It installs some add-ons into your excel and let's you save to a quicksheet file....then when you hotsync.....your able to open and use the spreadsheet on the Visor.
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    Check out it works great with my Mac. The "Mac" software is beta but works great. I use it every day. Best app I have!

    BTW- Support is excelent also.


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