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    I had been using an adapter with my regular earphones on my treo 650 to listen to mp3s but after a few weeks the sound starting cutting in and out. It got so bad that almost no sound ever came through the earphones. Figuring it was the adapter/earphones I bought the retractible earbuds from boxwave. Well, I plugged them in today for the first time and again the sound cuts in and out and only by pushing the jack or fiddling with the jack and wire will the sound come in. This basically is making me think that it might be the treo and not the headphones. Have any of you experienced this? Thx.
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    Comprare the adapter you use with the original headset you received with your Treo 650. Be sure it has 4 conductors (separated by 3 black insulators). Many adapters sold do not match up with the headset jack, and in these you end up fiddling with the plug by pulling it out slightly to hear the music in stereo.

    If your original headset (packed with the Treo) emits in streo then your adapter needs to be changed out for the correct type. Otherwise your headset jack on the T650 may have a bad connection.
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    thx for the advice Tony. I'm going to check it out when I get home later today. the boxwave earbuds should work though since they are supposed to be made for the treo. i guess i'll find out soon enough.
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    I have the same symptoms you describe. My mp3 stereo playback worked fine for a while using my walkman earphones with an adapter from Radio Shack. But now I get a lot of cut-outs and it drives me crazy. I thought it might me due to the adapter, but now I don't know since your use of the boxwave earbuds didn't fix the problem.

    Tony is mistaken - the Treo 650 connector has 3 elements separated by 2 black insulators. And the hands-free headset enclosed with my Treo 650 is not stereo - there's only a single earbud.

    Hmm, I haven't tried the enclosed headset since the audio cut-out problems started. I'll have to give it a try tonight and see if it works OK (in mono) or has the same problem. If it also has the problem, I'll have to find out what the Sprint / Treo warranty covers...
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    Yours are not the first 650's to have audio jack problems. Take them back and get a new one. Mine is rock solid.
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    my 650 is on the verge of having the same problems you guys are describing (not cutting in and out all the time, but a very finicky jack). I figure i'll use it until it breaks versus returning it now. hopefully by then P1 will have made some improvements to the quality of the build.
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    saaaaaame problem.. using adapter from radio shack. if when you plug in aNYTHINg to the jack, it seems the whole jack is moving with the plug thats inserted, the jack may have come lose from your board. can be fixed easily if ur pro solder.

    otherwise... try doing this.. it helped my radio shack adapter and now it works perfectly, everytime

    take a metal file and file off maybe .5 - 1 mm off the end of the jack, making it slightly shorter. just make sure to keep it tapered (i.e. pencil tip style), and to clean it off well before you test fit it in the jack.

    this solved the problem for me, because it seems the adapter wasnt getting all the way into the jack (the earbud that was included is slightly slightly shorter. compare for yourself!)

    p.s. i take no responsibility if you decide you want to try this, it only worked for me
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    Well, it looks like a jack problem.

    1) I bought a new radio shack adapter and it was better for about 5 seconds.
    2) Then I plugged in the mic/earpiece that comes with the Treo and that worked fine. However, this of course has sound only coming into one channel.
    3) I just received my boxwave replacement earphones and sound only comes in through one side.

    Looks like it's definitely the jack. I'm a bit worried since I've only owned my Treo for about two months. I don't want to keep having to replace the thing over this. ugh.
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    maybe the radio shack adapter is a pos and is causing the problem with the jack. It could slightly too big or too small. Perhaps you should use the one P1 is selling.
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    I use the P1 adapter and I have the same problem. The sounds cuts in and out and if I fiddle with the connection it'll become steady for a while until it's even slightly disturbed then it cuts out again. It was fine for 2-3 weeks at the start before it started happening.
    I was going to go and buy stereo phones with a 2.5 mm jack hoping that if it's directly plugged in that would solve the problem but that looks like it might not be the solution from this thread.
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    There might be oxide on the connectors. Spin the plug in the jack back and forth (CAREFULLY) and see if that might not help.

    It's almost always oxidation.


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