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    My phone is quite messed up. I uninstalled the hotsync stuff from the Treo 600 and installed the software for the 650. Well, i hotsynced and all of my data from the 600 was still there. After it was done, the phone is just resetting itself over and over, i can't do anything. Tried taking the battery out. What do i do?
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    RTFM for info on how to do a hard reset
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    did you try a hard reset? I had the same problem, the best thing to do is re install using the new palm software than set up the outlook or whtever else, do not use your old 600's syncing info
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joebar99
    RTFM for info on how to do a hard reset

    What does RTFM stand for? And if you know where to look how about a link maybe? Thanks.
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    RTFM...Read the friggen manual...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbrummels
    RTFM...Read the friggen manual...

    ohhhhh that makes so much sense now. thx ttyl hahahah
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