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    I'm working through my set up and have a couple of questions:

    1. The manual says that there is a BT "wake up" function -- under the option bar. It's not under my option bar. Anyone find it?

    2. I can't find the "use only trusted devices" check box. Can you?

    3. Is there a way to set a default so that every call you make uses the BT headset? I may not be doing it right, but I have to push the smart dial and then, when the call is answered, push the button on my BT headset. When I do, the "speaker button" turns to the BT button.

    Is there a setting so that the phone assumes I want to use the headset so long as BT and the headset are both on and paired? I want to push only the smart dial button, or whatever way I dial, and have the call go through the BT headset. Is that possible?

    4. Am I missing something or dialing incorrectly? How do you place calls when wearing your BT headset? (I haven't even downloaded the voice dialing software yet -- that's a challenge of a later day.)

    Thanks for the help.


    PS. I'm using a Jabra 250 which was paired easily.
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    All great questions, I'm having all kinds of issues in trying to use a BT Headset (Jabra BT110). First off, I don't see the "wake up function" or "use only trusted devices" check boxes either (I even read the instruction manual to try and find them). If I want to initiate a call, I usually press the button on the headset, wait for the headphones icon on the Treo then dial the number. I still haven't mastering answering a call. I think the best thing to do (at least for my headset) is to answer it with the Treo then switch it to the headset (which is not that quick). I'm not sure if these issues are isolated to my headset, any thoughts from other BT headset users?

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