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    I just started getting this error in the hotsync log "Calendar synchronization failed" when syncing my treo 650 to the Palm desktop running on win2k.

    If I do a hard reset (wipe the data) and sync it will reload the data. However, when I do the next sync I get the same error. I've tried various combinations of "desktop overwrites handheld" and visa versa. I've also tried only syncing the Calendar and nothing else.

    Any ideas on what's going wrong?
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    I'm having the EXACT same problem... It crashed while I was installing pTunes and since then I haven't been able to sync my calendar.

    Any ideas???
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    An appropriately named free application from was the cause of this ( and Whomever named those .zips was right on the money!!! The app is called "Blackjack PLS for Palm OS".

    This app is built using the AppForge runtime engine, which is what I suspect as the real problem.

    Deleting the application and runtime app using the treo/palm delete feature didn't solve. Poking around using filez I found several files that where not deleted. Deleting those didn't solve.

    I moved the datebook database (palm desktop) so that the calendar was empty. Did a hardreset/reload (sync) and the treo still would not sync the calendar even with an empty calendar.

    At this point I export all of my data (palm desktop), created a new user (palm desktop) did a hardreset/sync and selected the new user. Now I imported the data (palm desktop), reinstalled all of my applications, synced, and everything is fine again.

    Needless to say I won't be buying any applications from L3Solutions or any applications that use the AppForge runtime engine!

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