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    Now that I ordered my Stowaway, I'm excited at the prospect of being able to enter text without the limitations of Graffiti. What are the best programs for creating documents on the Visor that can then be hotsynced to your desktop for further editing and printing? Maybe even work with Word? Is this even possible?


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    I've been asking that same question now for months. There are several formats out there which allow word processing capabilities. Unfortunatley, you have to sacrafice underline and bold face fonts with these programs. is a pretty good place to start.

    I have Smartdoc on my Visor at the moment(which you can find in the above link) in combination with Palmdocs which can convert a palm doc file into a microsoft word file, and a microsoft word file into a palm doc. (this can also be found at the above link.)

    I can type much much much faster than I can write, and I have had a little Tandy that runs on double A batteries which I have used as a student in class for years. I was happy and excited when I found out about the stowaway/Visor combination, because quite frankly my little Tandy has seen better days. (And I'm about to be a student again, this time in graduate school.)

    I only wish that better Word Processing programs were available.

    I have a little hope in Richreader, a program designed to convert Microsoft Word documents into a format which can be read on a palm or Visor (complete with bold and underline fonts, as well as a whole slew of others fonts)

    I e-mailed the host of the site to find out if there were any plans for a document writer as well as reader. His response was that there might be a Richwriter sometime in the future, but he was still refining Richreader.

    Oh well, it will happen, it's all a matter of time.
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    When you import a converted Word file onto your Visor, am I understanding that you can then edit the document using SmartDoc? If you can, how do you get the file back to your desktop computer for printing or further editing? Does SmartDoc automatically transfer the file back to the desktop computer during Hotsync?

    Thanks for the info.

    (Waiting patiently for my Stowaway)
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    I'm using Smartdoc now because it's basically the first document reader/writer which I came across. There are a growing number of them out there, but this one seems to suit my purposes.

    I came across this site not too too terribly long ago. It is a review of almost all of the document readers/writers out there, complete with a list of pros and cons. It also supplies links to the different places you can download these readers.

    You seemed interested in the aspect of editing word documents on your Visor. I have Palmdocs which works very well converting word to palm doc format, and palm docs to word format. It basically adds a pull down menu to Microsoft Word which allows you to save the document your in as a palm doc, or import a palm doc into your microsoft word document. It's shareware, and the initial version has (I think) a 30 day trial period. I tried it and I liked it. I'm kind of vague how much I paid for it, but I think it was around $19. You can edit a converted word document on your visor (depending on which doc reader/writer you get, some only read) and then hot sync it back to your computer. You will need the palmdoc feature to get it back into word to print, but then at this point you should already have it so no big deal.

    One thing I'm thinking about doing is using my ir port to beam stuff directly to a printer, thereby bypassing the need for syncing the document to the computer altogether. I know that you can get newer printers with ir ports, and I've heard you can get ir port adaptors for existing printers. There is evidently software out there that enables your Visor to do this fairly well (I haven't tried it yet, but I think I eventually will.) You might try This site offers several programs/games that utalizes the ir port. Including one program that enables to beam stuff directly to your ir enabled printer.

    I hope this is helpful.


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    Can you tell me how to get doc files on my palm. Is it the same as adding a program?
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    Please take time to look at PalmDocs and QED at . I have been using Palmdocs to create (very easily) doc files for the Visor. When on the Visor I use QED to edit the doc file. On the next HotSync the file will be move back to the desktop/notebook where it can be edited ib Word. Smartdoc is nice but I like QED better. There are trial versions of PalmDocs and QED at the Visionary site.

    Good luck. It's really easy to work with Word files on the Visor.
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    Originally posted by WeatherO:
    Can you tell me how to get doc files on my palm. Is it the same as adding a program?
    Yes, it is the same as adding a program. I have downloaded many texts in the form of palm docs (Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor, Dracula, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and they were all automatically added on my Visor during sync. You just need a document reader to view them. And there are many many document readers to choose from. I prefer document readers that are also document writers myself, since I plan to take notes with my Visor in class. But that is just personal preference. I have been using Smartdoc, but I think the post immediately above me suggests QED. Since I've only personally used Smartdoc, my own experience is very limited. I still think someone ought to come up with a way to underline and bold text in the Visor.


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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Dave Watkins, can you mention any specific reasons why you prefer QED to SmartDoc? Are there things it does better or easier?

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    I use QED and I just got SmartDoc and I can't really tell the difference. The interface is a bit cleaner for SmartDoc and I"ve hard it referenced more, so maybe it's more compatible, but truthfull I think they're both taken from the same mold.

    I'll have to try PalmDocs to see how that works out, and I should fire up tinysheet and see if I can get some spreadsheets going.
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    I'm having a hard time believing how difficult it is to find a word processor for the Visor. It's ridiculous. I just switched to the Palm OS after a year of using a Newton eMate. My eMate was 3 years old and still had a fully functioning word processor with functions like bold, italics, etc. I hope these developers get it in gear.
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    TCD, You're right. We do not have one. But do you really want to do final document formatting on the Visor (even with a keyboard)? It appears to me that one should use the Visor to enter "raw" text and later import it to one's word-processor of choice for underlining and bold and spacing and margins and whatever. Thought of in that way, the MemoPad works great, as the results are easily transmitted to your word procesor. I have SmartDoc, but use it more as a reader than a writer, I fear.
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    I think that it would be nice to have more functionaility with Palm Word Processing software. I think having bold, underline, italics, justification and a spell checker would be very useful. While I would still want to adjust the document for a final printout, this would allow me to give form to the notes/raw text I am entering.

    Ie, when taking notes, I could bold and center the headers of different parts of my notes. Concepts and ideas I could italicize or bold so when I print out the notes those will stand out (instead of having to search for them)

    Also given the fact that I have an option to print via the IR port to a printer (SmartDoc w/PalmPrint), it would be nice to not have to sync to the computer and then format my raw text to print. Just print and go.

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    If you've just got to do document formatting on your Visor today, why not hand code html? Convert the DOC file to text on your desktop, and open in the WP of your choice for final proofing.
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    Yucca has the right answer, or use TeX.

    Penguins and Palms

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    Last night, I was in a palm chat room (griping about how there aren't any good word processors) when somebody said, "Well, there is Takenote."

    Takenote is made by Landware (the same people who gave us the go-type keyboard, and someday the six-pack.) The individual said that he thought it would be capable of underlineing, bold and italics, but I saw no mention of this in the write up.

    I plan to get the free trial download, I'll let you know what I think of it.

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    Actually Dave, Innogear is the creator of the GoType! and the SixPac. I'm not sure if you can underline, bold, or make words italic with TakeNote. I'm isntalling my copy now.

    -Matthew Nichols
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    I thought that Innogear and Landware were one and the same. If there not, well, I've been wrong before.

    The Takenote does not have bold, underline or Italics. (bummer) It is an extremely good document reader/writer though. It comes with a thesaurus (which is a step in the right direction.) It has a global find/replace feature. It will convert memo files into document files (in fact, if your editing a memo in Takenote, and it goes over the 4 k limit, it automatically turns it into a doc file.)

    I think it's probably one of the nicer doc writers/readers out there. But I'm going to be stubborn and hold out for one that can bold, underline, and has italics.

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    For what it's worth, the GoType keyboard comes with TakeNote bundled. I still plan to get a Stowaway instead, but I'm disappointed by the lack of any word processing software to come with it, especially since it's $30 more than GoType. If I didn't need a full-sized keyboard, I'd say the GoType is a better value.
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    Welp, my stowaway keyboard is definitely in transit. I went to the UPS website and it is now in Lexington KY, (I live in Louisville KY, at least we're in the same state now.)

    I still don't have that holy grail of word processors for palm os, the one that will bold, underline, and has italics.

    And yet somehow life goes on.

    Since I'm starting a graduate program at the end of May, I really have to move on. I have Palmdocs, which means I can convert DOC files from my Visor to my desktop and edit them in Microsoft Word 97. I'm thinking of working out a code for myself. For example if I want to underline a word I would do *_ before and after the word or sentence I want to *_underline.*_ Since I will edit my class notes on my desktop before I print them (I get the feeling proof reading them will be easier on a desktop than on the Visor). It shouldn't be any big deal. I will do similar things with bold *b* and italics *i*.

    Though I have a plan, I'm open to suggestions. Do any of you have any ideas that might work better.

    Or has some developer slipped in a really super word processor while I wasn't looking.

    Another thing I plan to do for class notes. Diagrams and stuff like that on the board I'll have a separate pad of paper to jot down said diagram. Then I'll scan them into my computer and import them directly into my class notes, which will have been converted into a Word 97 document.

    Thanks for your input.

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    I don't know how PalmDocs converts things, but doesn't Word usually bold something if you put * * around it? it's just one of those non-warranted auto-edits that word does from time to time. Maybe we can get lucky and word will do the bold for us. Someone needs to try it out.

    Also, puting _around_ things will italicize it, though I don't see why it wouldn't underline it like it logically should. Anyone know the key shortcut for underlining in word?

    Also, I have the GoType for Palm and does that come with TakeNote? I don't remmeber it being touted as a feature. If not, I'll have to check it out to see if it's worthwhile.
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