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    When I conference call or call wait I can't dial another call after one person hangs up. Once that peron hangs up, the call is still shown on my screen. If I click over to the line that the person hung up, I get a dial tone. I can toggle back and forth to the both lines (the person I am talking to and the hung up line). The minutes are still ticking on the line that the peron hung up on. The phone tells me that I can't make another call until I hang up.

    I can not make an another call until I hang up on everyone and then make new calls.

    If I conference call and on person hangs up. I also can not make additional call until I hang up on everyone and start over again. Even if one peron hangs up. The phone will still show that I am in conference mode even if one person drops off. I can not dial another call because it still thinks I am in conference mode.

    Does anyone have this problem?
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    I have not had this problem.
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    This has been a problem (feature?) since the Treo 600. It applies to the phone's handling of call waiting as well.

    Scenario: If you are on the phone and receive a call, you can switch to the new call. However, there is no way to "Hang Up" on the second call. You can only switch back (leaving the second call active) or "Hang Up on All". This is totally different than every other phone's call waiting. You should be able to FLASH, which switches between calls and when the other line hangs up, it should disconnect.

    I have a feeling this is Sprint's sheisty way of charging double airtime afyer you have hung up on a call-waiting call. Annoying.

    Also, why is their no way to conference a call waiting caller into your original call?

    Isn't this a phone for business people? Call waiting functionality is essential, and the treo's implementation is flawed.


    Any ETA on a fix?

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