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    I turn my visor on and off wayyy too much during a day to have a password everytime I do so. Is there any software out there that automatically locks the visor, say after an hour of it being off? That would be great for me to not worry if I lost it, but not get inconvenienced every single time I turn it on.

    Also, if not, there's a software mentioned before that lets you have a button password, so you'd hit something like the calendar, down, up, memo and that would be your password.. something like that. Anyone remember the name? Thanks

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    Look at Commander or CommanderLite from That has a lot of functions, one of which is exactly what you are asking for.

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    Hi There:

    You may also want to check out OnlyMe by Tranzoa. It lets you set a lock delay defined in either seconds, minutes or hours. I find setting my delay to 3 hours works pretty good for me.

    Their web site is:

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    TealLock from TealPoint software should also do what you want. I have mine set to hide private records after five minutes. It can also do a number of other security related tasks.
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    Sign On allows a user definable number of minutes, hours, etc. before it activates:

    It's security is your signature - or whatever you want to "sign in" with.

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