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    First off I'll apologize in advance if this thread is redundant, but I didn't find any search results on what I'm posting about. Second, I'm going to say hello to you all, since I'm new to this forum & also to the wonderful world of the almighty Treo. I've had 3 different Palms in the past 3 years, and I just bought a Treo 650 about 3 days ago. And I'm totally in love with it.

    I've been using Verichat for about 2 days now, and I've noticed a very bad bug. For the most part, the program works wonderfully(it's the ONLY program that actually lets me sign in to msn), unless I get an IM when I'm not in the program. When I get a message, as you all know it asks if I want to chat or ignore the message. If I click chat, it cuases a fatal error & resets my phone. But if I click ignore & then open up Verichat to reply, everything is fine. Also, I do not get the 'orange light error'(when the led goes to orange & stays that way until I reset) when I do it that way. Has anyone else had this sort of experience with Verichat?
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    I have had Verichat 3 + years and to me sounds like a bad install. I would delete 3? parts of it on your Treo and reinstall. I had an update three weeks ago that did similar things. If that does not work you may hav another program that is confliciting with it.
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    I will try that, thanks. Do you have any idea of what programs might comflict with it?
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    My Verichat stopped working. An error comes up saying unable to load info. Deleting ALL verichat programs and reinstalling from backups does not solve the problem. I also have to change the attributes of the problem file to delete it. Any suggestions?
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