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    OK, weird question. How many times have you guys dropped your Treo? And has it cracked? dented? stuff like that?

    I've dropped mine twice already unfortunately. One time was handing off to my dad while i was sitting down, so the drop was roughly about 3 feet, and the second time was off a table, while i had the hands-free earbud in, and dragged it off. about a 3-4 feet fall as well. The odd thing, is both times, it hit the same spot....the top corner (not the side with the antenna). So unfortunately, as a result of the double hit, it is slightly dented with some of the protective paint rubbing away, but everything works fine, so I think. Plus the first fall, my SD card came flying out.

    I guess since it's a PDA phone and kinda of heavy, I had the feeling it'd be somewhat fragile. But I'm not sure. Cosmetically I have a dinged up right corner, but everything works so I'm good. And I never expected it to be as durable as a StarTac, which i had dropped over 10x when I had it, including one where i in advertantly kicked it down a flight of stairs, and it was fine.

    Just wondering your thoughts, experience and damage surveys.
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    My 600 have dropped it three times, two times without the case. First time dinged corner but everything else was fine.

    Second time the worst, it fell from my lap, sitting in my new F-150 4X4 with 18" tires onto the black asphalt. I forgot I had it in my lap as I was getting out of my car. Made terrible noise. I picked it up and it reset, as it seems to do whenever you drop them. Oh sim card came out. For an hour it wouldn't make any noise, then started working fine except the shift key was squisy and wouldn't click or whatever you call it, it still worked though. Replaced under warranty. I feel fortunate.
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    I had two real drops. The first time was on to concrete the battery flew out. I noticed that the siver box around the screen was cracked on the side up near the top corner. The second drop made the space bar stick in. I took it into Sprint and the tech in back could not fix it so they handed me a new one as a warranty replacement.
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    Dropped my Treo 600 at least 6 or 7 times, only once with no protection. The rest of the time it was in an Innopocket hard case, or later in a Pacific Rim hard case. The Innopocket case took some serious beatings, and the phone never did more than soft reset once or twice.

    If you are the dropping type who puts your phones through heavy duty use, then I highly recommend the Pacific Rim case, it's nice and open and doesn't impede usage at all, only increases the form factor a little bit, looks pretty nice, full screen visibility and the aluminum case with the neoprene padding in it will take some serious beat downs and keep your Treo very safe.

    Sadly, my Treo 600 went missing in a New York City cab last week. I had just had a wisdom tooth extraction and the novocaine was wearing out as the cab approached my apartment and I was screaming in agony. I ran out the door and went upstairs to pop some percocet, only to realize an hour later that my Treo had stayed behind in the cab. So one foolish moment of distraction did what many clumsy drops couldn't - leave me Treoless.

    Will be getting a Treo 650 GSM as soon as they are available (currently using a Siemens P.O.S.), and I'll be getting another one of the Pac Rim cases as soon as a 650 version is available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcgabriel
    Dropped my Treo 600 at least 6 or 7 times, only once with no protection.
    If you are the dropping type who puts your phones through heavy duty use, then I highly recommend the Pacific Rim case,
    Thanks, I am the dropping type, can you post a link to what it looks like. With the 600 I never got around ordering anything other than that stupid Palm horizontal one. I already ordered and have the Piel Frama for the 650 . I think I want try a case that stays on the phone. I don't want a case that only proctects it on your waist, I want some kind of full time protection.
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    The current Pac Rim case claims to be for the Treo 600, but looking at the case, I think it ought to fit the 650 too. At least I can't imagine why it wouldn't. Unfortunately, I lost the case when I lost my phone so I can't try it with my buddy's Sprint Treo 650 to be sure.
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    I dropped my 600 several times from hip hieght with no protection onto various surfaces including concrete with no major ill effects other than scratches. However, I think I can take the record for highest drop and still functional: I dropped it from a ladder at about 12 feet of hieght onto a concrete driveway while hanging Christmas lights in November!! Amazingly, the thing still worked, although had a fair sized gouge on one corner, and the case had warped / twisted such that one of the little plastic clips holding the back on (in the 600 this back was non-removable!) had actually popped outside the case. No amount of twisting or prying would get it back; I was afraid to be too violent for fear of exploding the thing into a million pieces.

    The phone still worked fine after that, but had a periodic corruption of the screen that a brief shake would fix. The story had a happy ending, though, when talking to Sprint about this situation (the phone was under the Sprint insurance coverage) they offered me a 650 as a replacement!! So, all's well that ends well.
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    so what these stories of drops and getting it replaced....that is through Sprint insurance? the $5 per month you pay them plan? and how much or if anything did you have to pay to replace it, like in terms of a deductible.
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    Pacific Rim 650

    The 650 has cut outs for the camera....
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    3 and 1/2 times... (the half was on Rug).

    Amazingly, no visable damage. Didn't reset. Nothing even came loose. I did drop my 600 many more times my 650, but, other then a lot of scratches, again no real damage. Lucky me - I sure don't want to have to visit the Palm Graveyard over at !

    PS -also had the Pac Rim case for the 600. A little bulky, but very protective.
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    I've dropped mine twice so far. No damage with the Innopocket aluminum case.
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    I dropped mine once, from about 3 feet up, onto the asphalt. I had a Vaja I-volution case on it, and the only "damage" was a very small scratch on the case and a small nick on the antenna. Yes, they are expensive, but between how they look and how they protect, I can't recommend the Vaja's enough


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