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    Dumb question...I have been told that the PalmOS in the Visors cannot be upgraded, is that true? Also, the new Palms come equiped with PalmOS 3.5, what are the differences between that one and the Visor's PalmOS 3.1? I read that the 3.1 version (Visor) doesn't support IR but then I read that it does! Which is right?

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    Yes, it's true the Visor's OS cannot be upgraded--at least as a full OS upgrade. It can be "patched" with RAM updates like 3.1.1, though. Not a big deal anyway.

    The big differences I see between my Visor (3.1) and my daughter's Palm IIIxe are the datebook now includes a view with to-do list items included, and the battery level "icon" at the top looks a little different. Also, Palm sort of made MenuHack part of the OS without it actually being a hack; if you tap the title bar of apps which have title bars, the menu drops down instead of having to tap the "menu" silkscreen button. (Whoop.)

    Palm OS's from 3.0 on (including the Visor's 3.1h) do support IR beaming/receiving.
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    I guess you meant the IR syncing, not the beaming. For IR sync, you need a program package from Palm and in addition, either the IR syncing software from IS/complete or IBM (although I don't know whether the IBM stuff works with non-IBM Notebooks/PCs).
    There are several threads here dealing with IR sync... (in the HowTo section)
    You can get several of OS 3.5's features by using MenuHack (as mentioned above) and WhatzUP (sp?) and maybe one or two more hacks (i.e. BatterylevelHack).

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    The Visor's enhanced DateBook application also includes ToDo list items along with several additional views, including a "list view" that shows everything in a way similar to WhatsUp.

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    I've had a similar concern before leaping into either Visor or Palm (and would much prefer the Visor.) As OSs are upgraded, will I have to become a hack to use the hacks to fix problems or, say, be compatible with a new application made for the Palm OS 4 if such arrives? Thanks for any insights.

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